Thomas' Railway Adventures is an all new series coming to Kids Thirteen on October 16th, 2012.


Season 1Edit

  • Percy's Busy Day - Percy has three important jobs to do, he has to collect some milk and take it to the dairy, pick up some cargo from Brendam Docks and take it to the yard, and shunt some stone at the quarry.
  • Toby Helps Out - Gordon doesn't think that Toby is useful, but Toby proves him wrong when he has to help Gordon up the hill.

Season 2Edit


  • Percy - a small green saddletank engine. He wears the number 6, and enjoys pulling the mail. His best friend is Thomas.
  • Gordon - a big blue tender engine. He enjoys pulling the express, and wears the number 4.
  • James - a bright red engine. He wears the number 5. He likes to boast about his paintwork, his speed, and his strength.
  • Henry - a green engine who has to use special coal, and wears the number 3. He is a very hard worker.
  • Edward - an old blue engine, who wears the number 2. He is very kind and very wise. He often has to help Gordon up his hill.

  • Duck - a green Great Western engine with the number 8, and the letters, "GWR," which stand for, "Great Western Railway."
  • Sir Topham Hatt - the man in charge of the engines on Sodor. He wants to make sure that they are being really useful.

  • Troublesome Trucks - freight cars who cause trouble. They like to bump the engines off the rails.

  • Henrietta - Toby's tram coach. She does not have face, however, she is able to talk.

  • Harold - a white helicopter. He is a good friend to the engines.

  • Cranky - a gray crane who works at Brendam Docks. He gets his name because he is always very cranky.
  • Terence - a friendly orange tractor. He has caterpillar tracks, which help him get around Sodor.
  • Trevor - a green traction engine. Trevor is a very hard worker.

  • Donald and Douglas - two black Scottish engines. They are twins. Donald is number 9, and Douglas is number 10.
  • Oliver - a green Great Western tank engine. His Brakevan is Toad, and he wears the number 11.

  • Mavis - a black diesel engine with yellow and black stripes. She works at the quarry, and is Toby's girlfriend.
  • Diesel - a black diesel engine. He is no friend to the steam engines. He likes to cause trouble.
  • Rheneas - a red orange tank engine. He works on the Narrow Gauge Railway with his pal, Skarloey.

  • Duncan - a small yellow engine. He is a rude, but really useful engine. He has become friends with Rusty. He is a Narrow Gauge engine.
  • Rusty - an orange diesel engine. He is a hard working diesel, and he is really useful. He is proud to be the only diesel on the Narrow Gauge Railway.
  • Peter Sam - a green tank engine. He is a Narrow Gauge engine, and he is very sensible.

  • Sir Handel - a blue tank engine. He is a Narrow Gauge Engine. He wants to be in charge sometimes.

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